Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amerex Fire Extinguishers

Amerex Corporation is a fire extinguisher manufacturer that has built a reputation for quality fire extinguishers for over 40 years.

Amerex Corporation builds portable, wheeled unit and fixed fire extinguishers.

Amerex Corporation also builds pre-engineered automatic restaurant systems, kitchen hood suppression systems, vehicle fire suppression systems, gas detection, industrial systems and fire detection devices.


Unknown said...

We often buy fire extinguisher to safe our precious accessory from accidental fire but problem is that how can we maintain this fire extinguisher then we can buy extinguisher cabinets.

manoj singh said...

Like domestic fires, car fires are considered as one of the most typical causes of damage in property. One of the best ways to lessen if not prevent the damages, would be through the use of a car fire extinguisher.Fire Extinguishers

firepronevada said...

When the topic fire safety is brought about, almost everybody is inclined to thinking about fire extinguishers, signs and ladders. Well this is quite logical really because these are the tools/ gadgets that help you fight fires or save your lives when there is a need.

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